Compressed Air Validation

Compressed / Nitrogen / Breathing Air Validation

Clean Dry Air is essential for many different types of applications. Air compressors draw in large volumes of air from the surrounding atmosphere containing contaminants. The air compressor itself can also add contaminants. Process air contamination found in automotive spray paint air lines, powder coating air lines, pharmaceutical processing air lines, food processing air lines, instrument air lines and in nuclear facilities can affect product quality. A major problem in compressed air systems are the presence of water, oil and solid contaminants which can affect air quality and lead to rust, scaling, instruments clogging, valves sticking and process contamination. Compressed Air is supplied for manufacturing process as well as for the operation of pneumatic controls for machine, instrument, spray system and other multiple uses.

The following parameters of compressed air system should be checked during the performance qualification-

Compressed Air Quality

  • Protection of equipment and processes.
  • Safety for your employees
  • Energy efficiency of compressor
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Assure product quality
  • Meet standards/regulations

Services offered For Compressed Air

  • Dew point test
  • Moisture content
  • Oil mist Content
  • Hydrocarbon contents
  • Particle size concentration
  • Bubble Point/ Filter Integrity test
  • Non-viable particle count test.
  • Viable count test
  • Various gases like (CO2, CO, NOX, HC, SO2, O2, H2S)