GMP Training

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training in Vietnam

GMP Training/Good Manufacturing Practices Training

Micron HVAC strives to develop long-term relationships with its clients, based on the highest level of professionalism, mutual understanding, and trust. We are professional trainers and facilitators of the quality conscious industry and are pioneers in GMP training in Vietnam and developing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for people in local language.

GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, is a set of quality control and assurance guidelines and regulations that are used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other industries that produce and handle products for human consumption.

Our GMP training services involve educational programs and resources designed to help organizations and individuals understand and implement GMP principles and practices.

  • Training, development, and facilitation of technical, functional, and behavioral management.
  • In addition, customized GMP training programs are designed for organizations and include systematically identifying their training needs, designing special training modules, evaluating training, and maintaining quality continuity to achieve desired results as required by international regulatory agencies.
  • GMP inspection and testing to upgrade facilities and quality management system.
  • Document sources according to international standards.
  • GMP for continuous quality improvement.
Key Properties
  • Quality Assurance: GMP training emphasizes the importance of quality in the manufacturing and handling of pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and other products. It helps ensure that products are safe, effective, and consistent in their quality.
  • Risk Reduction: Training in GMP principles helps minimize the risks associated with product contamination, adulteration, or other quality issues. It promotes the use of proper procedures, documentation, and controls to prevent problems.
  • Employee Competence: The GMP training ensures that employees at all levels understand their responsibilities and how to perform them in compliance with GMP standards. This includes training for manufacturing staff, quality control personnel, and management.
  • Product Integrity: GMP training helps maintain the integrity of products from raw material sourcing to production, packaging, storage, and distribution. It includes guidelines for cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation.
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